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Few Words About Myself PICS BY SUDHA KONE

We at PICS BY SUDHA KONE believe that photography is an art of telling a story through the camera. We started capturing in 2011 as a one-member team. Within a few years we grew into a team of photographers, videographers, editors and studio managers sharing the common vision of bringing life to innovative and creative ideas. We are traveling around the places shooting weddings, fashion shoots, maternity, family portraits etc..,. And we’ve pretty much mastered the art of capturing it all. Ask us about our best work and we would point at the one we are about to create. Welcome to Photogola.
I believe that beauty exists in everything you see and every individual you meet if you know where to look. I started my journey from being a portrait and landscape photographer as a hobbyist which has become “PICS BY SUDHA KONE” today.
The enthusiasm of experimenting with creative concepts help me to blend true inspiration and beauty with technical skills, which makes my photography as stunning as it can be.

Andrew Shade
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